A Door-To-Door Salesman Missed An Opportunity Last Night

Last night, I was checking on a few things outside my house, knowing that dinner was nearly ready and I would have to answer to my wife if I were late. As I was heading inside, 2 young door-to-door salesmen approached me.

As a sales professional, I always like to hear sales pitches and approaches so that I can evaluate & learn from the experience. They were professional and well rounded which is a great start, especially since door-to-door salesman are usually distrusted at the start of a conversation. They asked many questions to try & learn when I moved in my house, what updates I’ve made and what I might be considering. The ability to ask questions & listen to responses is, of course, an important part of the sales profession. However, they didn’t ask me if I had a few minutes to talk and didn’t know that I had dinner waiting which would put me in a rush.


Towards the end, their questions focused on what I want to change right now. Like most consumers, I didn’t let them in on the whole truth. Yes, I have a wish list, but those items are currently not a priority. Also, it was dinner time and I didn’t want to get in trouble by being late!

The young salesman failed because they didn’t realize that I didn’t have a specific need right now. They left a brochure behind and hoped to find the next opportunity.

They could have changed their fortunes by asking for a better time to talk and my contact information or email address to follow-up. A large majority of the people they will speak with do not have a specific need right now or will be unwilling to talk at that specific time. They should have switched their focus on figuring out how to be the first call when a need arises and how to stay “top of mind” (TOMA — top of mind awareness).

What happened to that brochure they left behind? My 4-year old son took it and I think it ended up in the trash can after he destroyed it. I couldn’t tell you their names or the name of the company.

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