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Michael Flavin Graphic Design

Flavin has always had an appreciation and knack for design. After graduating from high school in St. Louis, he went on to hone his skills in graphic design at the University of Tulsa. He remained active in the community through the Newman Center and Pi Kappa Alpha. Shortly after graduating, he opted to stay in Tulsa and started with EMG Graphic Systems working with clients to develop signage and marketing plans.

2 responses to “Graphics & Marketing”

  1. John says:

    Those are very impressive credentials. I spent a few years at Newman myself and I have not only learned a lot, I grew as a business man so I know when I see that, it means business. Tulsa is also very impressive as well. Very good school.

  2. Nick Dunn says:

    I’m following Michael and his webinars for a very long time and I’m inspired from him a lot. He is the best at what he does. A great personality.

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